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By Samantha Randall of Top Dog Tips Dog training doesn’t need to be a tedious or stressful affair. Instead, there are plenty of things you can teach your dog during your daily walks and save some time. While a lot of advanced dog training methods require a specific environment and longer training sessions, certain things […]

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Q: Mabel Ma Hi Karis. I have a 4-month-old border collie pup that has a habit of eating poop. It’s like he is never full. I’m currently fostering a puppy and he tends to love eating her poop specifically. He will go out of his way from eating his breakfast just to go eat her […]

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One of the most stressful days of the year for animals is almost upon us – Guy Fawkes, the 5th of November…which means fireworks. Ask any animal welfare organization what their busiest time is and they will tell you the days following Guy Fawkes and New Years Eve. The fireworks let off during these holidays […]

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Most people know that puppies (and kittens!) need to be socialised while they are little. Ideally while they still have all their baby teeth, pets should learn how the world works, what are normal sights and sounds, meet lots of different people, learn how to travel in a car, and puppies need to interact with […]

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  Question: Adele Neko Horn My unneutered male JR cross (7 years old) keeps on peeing in the kitchen. against a particular corner and the stove. I’ve cleaned it with every product I could find for urine. And then the cats mark there too. I’ve never managed to catch him in the act. And deterrent sprays are useless. […]

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  Question: Elaine O’Brien I have a seven month Cavoodle pup who is very submissive around other dogs (usually rolls on her back, belly up) and is terrified if a dog barks and she can’t see it. Will she grow out of these behaviours? Thanks Answer: Hi Elaine, The best way to help a dog’s confidence around other […]

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You asked your questions and Karis answered… Question: Gail Van Breda – Is something missing from my dogs diet if they insist on digging up the cat poop in the garden. I have 2 Yorkies and no matter what, it carries on. Thanks Answer: Hi Gail, From a dog’s point of view, eating cat poo is, unfortunately, […]

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As with sudden shifts in behaviour with any of your animals, should your cat’s habits (especially around the toilet) change you should immediately go to the vet. Several serious health problems are noticeable if your cat is having trouble reliving himself, or starts missing his tray, etc.   If your vet has ruled out any […]

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Treats are wonderful, they both motivate and communicate with our canine friends and when used correctly, are a wonderful tool to help teach. One of my best practical tips for people with puppies is to use their normal meals as a chance to train their pup. Why just give the food for free and waste […]

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If you are going to fly your adult dog in an airplane for the first time or would like to crate train him for some other reason here are some suggestions about how to start. Next time I will discuss crate training young pups, which is slightly different than adults. Teaching an adult dog to relax […]

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